Hello all who are visiting the Moreton Technology Alliance (M.T.A.) website. This website is new and will grow in time with many useful tidbits of information supplied for all to see.

In this first installment I would just like to thank all who came to the first “Full Group” meeting today (September the 1st, 2016) under the new brand M.T.A.

The attendees today enjoyed some great speakers sharing excellent up to date information on funding from State, Local and Federal governments as well as local incubation and accelleration programs.

For more details of the meeting and a summary of the minutes, links and all of that good stuff join up to our mailing list here on the front page of our website. Or if you want to get in touch with someone from the leadership / organisers team please use the contact form below.

Thankyou for visiting!

David Kleinschmidt
Leadership Group
Moreton Technology Alliance